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A landscaping company sprayed an insecticide on 55 linden trees in the parking lot of a Target big box store in the Oregon town of Wilsonville in the U.S. last Saturday to control for aphids. Within minutes, bumblebees began falling from the trees, twitching on their backs or wandering in tight circles on the asphalt. As this weekend approaches, estimates of the number of dead insects has risen to more than 50,000.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture confirmed the bees were killed by an insecticide called Safari whose main ingredient is dinotefuran, belonging to a class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids. There are two main kinds of neonicotinoids. Safari is a member of the nitro-group which research has shown to be generally  more toxic to bees than the other type.

This totally avoidable tragedy is simply another example of the myriad of unregulated poisons that continue to be applied to the earth by people…

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Dear Compassionate Human Being,

Pope Benedict XVI has been seen wearing a red velvet hat trimmed with white ermine fur, known as “camauro”. The hat was commonly worn by popes in the medieval period to keep their heads warm for outdoor events during the colder winter months. For special occasions, a red velvet, ermine-trimmed cape called a mozzetta, was worn. The last pope to have worn the traditional fur-trimmed papal hat in public was Pope John XXIII.

On special occasions, such as official audiences with heads of state, Pope Benedict also wears a red cape trimmed with white fur.

His Holiness, the Pope, may not be aware that fur bearing animals are skinned alive for fur. By signing this petition, you will be asking His Holiness, the Pope, not to wear real fur. There are “faux” fur of excellent quality that may be used for his official outfit without cruelty…

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Don’t Forsake the Gray Wolf

Igor Purlantov

It has been celebrated as one of the great victories of the Endangered Species Act of 1973. After several decades of federal protection, gray wolves — once nearly wiped out in the continental United States — have reached a population of roughly 6,100 across three Great Lakes states and seven Western states.


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Don’t buy that puppy from a pet store!!!


People need to know that when they purchase puppies over the Internet, through newspaper ads, or at pet stores, they are often unknowingly supporting the puppy mill industry.

Puppy mills are inhumane breeding facilities that produce puppies in large numbers. They are designed to maximize profits and commonly disregard the physical, social, and emotional health of the dogs. The breeding dogs at puppy mills live their entire lives in cages, and the poor conditions cause puppies to have more physical and behavioral problems than dogs from good sources. The best way to stop puppy mills is for consumers to stop supporting them. To find a puppy from a reputable source, visit your local animal shelter or find a reputable breeder and visit their premises in person to see how and where your puppy’s mother is living.

Responsible pet purchasing, adoption, and ongoing guardianship takes effort. But, it’s worth it to do things right, and find the canine companion of a lifetime. By finding a responsible breeder, shelter or rescue group, you can help defeat the inhumane puppy mill system that places profit above animal welfare. Readers can look up local shelters and breed rescue groups at www.petfinder.org and www.pets911.com. A checklist of good breeder characteristics is available at www.humanesociety.org/puppy. People who love dogs need to help stop them from being mistreated by making sure they aren’t supporting a puppy mill!


Stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji

Kazutaka Sangen, Mayor of Taiji
Yoshiki Kimura, Governor of Wakayama Prefecture
Manager, Dolphin Base Resort
We are writing to demand an end to the brutal slaugther and captive trade of dolphins in Taiji, Japan.There is nothing even remotely humane about this practice. Fishermen literally drive stakes into the spines of the dolphins, paralyzing them as they die a slow agonizing death in water that quickly turns from sea blue to blood red. The dolphins are then tied by their tails (some still alive) to the sides of the boats and are dragged to the butcher house. Those that didn’t die from the brutal attack generally drown on the way to the slaughter house. Nursing mothers aren’t spared, babies aren’t spared.Dolphins are among the most intelligent beings on the planet. Their brains are actually larger than ours. They are social, living in family units or pods. Mothers nurse their young. There are numerous accounts of dolphins saving surfers from shark attacks.

Numerous studies have confirmed that dolphin meat is heavily laden with toxic mercury — and therefore — POISONOUS to those who consume it. The recent disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant and the ensuing release of radioactive water into the ocean further jeopardizes the health of those who would consume dolphin meat.

You may claim that the dolphin hunt is part of your cultural tradition. There is nothing cultural about chasing pods of dolphins with a fleet of boats outfitted with high tech equipment. Furthermore, there is nothing cultural about selling the dolphins who are not slaughtered into a life of captivity.

As long as you continue the Taiji dolphin slaughter, we will continue to boycott Japanese products. We will also spread the word to everyone we know. We won’t ever stop until the slaughter ends for good. The world is watching.

The time to end the slaughter is NOW!

Wesley Wang